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[main][xs]: move import of xapian into index_letters method so we don't require xapian (may not be using it on server).

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File openletters/

 # -*- coding: latin-1 -*-
-import unicodedata
 Class to parse the Dickens letters and enter into a store
-from parse import parse_text, parse_date
+import unicodedata
+from xml.dom import minidom
+import urllib, os
-from xml.dom import minidom
+from openletters.parse import parse_text, parse_date
 from openletters import model
-import xapian, urllib, os
 def getText(nodelist):
     rc = []
     for node in nodelist:
 def index_letters(self, type, fileobj):
+    import xapian
     db_path = 'db'
-    database.flush()
+    database.flush()