vdm / vdm / sqlalchemy / __init__.py

'''SQLAlchemy versioned domain model extension.

For general information about versioned domain models see the root vdm package

Implementation Notes

SQLAlchemy conveniently provides its own Session object which can be used as
the 'session' for the vdm (i.e. the object which holds the current revision).

Some useful links:



1. How do we commit revisions (do we need to).
    * At very least do we not need to update timestamps?
    * support for state of revision (active, deleted (spam), in-progress etc)

2. Support for composite primary keys.
from .tools import Repository
from .changeset import Changeset, ChangeObject, setup_changeset
from .model import VersionedListener
from .sqla import SQLAlchemyMixin, SQLAlchemySession
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