This is the main development repository for `Where Does My Money Go`_

.. _Where Does My Money Go:

It is a mercurial repository and can be found online at:

Crib sheet

You can get started with the following command:

  hg clone

This will download a copy of the repository, and put it inside a newly-created wdmmg directory.

To check-in your changes:

  hg ci
  hg push

To get other people's changes:

  hg pull
  hg up

To avoid typing in your password every time you push, edit the file wdmmg/.hg/hgrc . You should see a line giving the URL from which you cloned the repository. Add your username and password to the line as follows:

  default =

Rough Guide to the Repository

/doc/: Documentation, plans, ideas etc

/econdata/: material related to external data including code for scraping,
  cleaning and normalizing that data.

/wdmmg/: the main WDMMG web application (Pylons-based) which provides the store.


Copyright (and Database Rights) (c) 2010 the Open Knowledge Foundation,

Unless otherwise stated:

  * Any rights in code are licensed under the `GNU Affero GPL`_ v3
  * Any rights in content are licensed under a `Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike`_ license (all jurisdictions)
  * Any rights in data(bases) are licensed under a the `Open Data Commons ODbL`_ (Open Database License)

.. _GNU Affero GPL:
.. _Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike:
.. _Open Data Commons ODbL: