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[lib] add label to all datasets

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-    def __init__(self, dataset_name, description=u'', metadata=None, \
-                 dataset_long_name=None, currency=u'gbp'):
+    def __init__(self, dataset_name, label, description=u'', metadata=None, \
+                 currency=u'gbp'):
         Constructs a Loader for a new Dataset `dataset_name`. (Raises an exception
         if a Dataset already exists with that name). Calling the constructor 
         assert not Dataset.find_one({'name': dataset_name}),\
             "Dataset '%s' already loaded" % dataset_name
-        if dataset_long_name is None:
-            dataset_long_name = dataset_name
         # Create dataset.
-        dataset = Dataset(name=dataset_name, label=dataset_long_name, 
+        dataset = Dataset(name=dataset_name, label=label, 
                           currency=currency, description=description)
         if metadata is not None: