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<html xmlns:py=""

  <py:def function="nav_class">nav-entry</py:def>

  <py:def function="page_title">Entry - Index</py:def>

  <div py:def="content">
    <p>Entries record individual transfers of money: usually, they have <em>from</em>, <em>to</em>,
      <em>time</em> and <em>amount</em> fields, plus other classifiers that depend on the dataset
      to which they belong.</p>

    <p>There are a total of <strong>${} entries</strong> in the
    data store. Browse them below or <a href="${url(controller='search', action='index')}">search them</a>.</p>

    ${render_short_entries([ txn.to_flat_dict() for txn in ])}


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