VMCMC: Visualising MCMC traces

VMCMC is a statistical graphical software that takes as input Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) traces from various softwares, visualize it, and calculates and displays the statistical properties such as burnin and convergence tests.


VMCMC is written in Java using the Swing library. The first prototype developed as Bachelors thesis project by Jorge Miro and Mikael Bark guided by Lars Arvestad. Further development has been done by Raja Hashim Ali as part of his PhD project. Contributors are Raja Manzar Abbas, Syed Muhammad Zubair, Joel Sjöstrand, and Sayyed Auwn Muhammad.


For suggestions, comments and help regarding VMCMC, please contact Hashim Ali (rhali at kth dot se) and/or Lars Arvestad (arve at nada dot su dot se).

Latest executable jar file

The latest executable jar file can be downloaded from here.

Latest tutorial manual

The latest tutorial manual can be downloaded from here.