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VirusMapper - ImageJ Plugin

Check out the VirusMapper paper in Scientific Reports.

VirusMapper is a high-throughput, open-source ImageJ plugin for single-particle analysis in fluorescence microscopy, particularly super-resolution microscopy. It provides a platform for automatic statistical mapping of conserved multi-molecular structures, such as viral substructures or intact viruses. VirusMapper uses naive averaging to create models of the distribution of particular labelled species within larger structures.

GrafAbstractMedia-01.jpg Multicomponent model of the Vaccinia virus by imaging in super-resolution hundreds of fluorescently labelled viruses and modelling their structure through VirusMapper.

Tutorials on how to get started

About VirusMapper

VirusMapper is part of the NanoJ project - a collection of analytical methods dedicated to super-resolution and image analysis compatible with ImageJ. VirusMapper is developed by the Henriques and Mercer laboratories at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at University College London.


The VirusMapper plugin allows the user to:

  1. Segment images into individual particles. In the case of imaging viruses these would be individual viruses.
  2. Select seed images which are used as templates in the averaging procedure.
  3. Perform iterative template-based registration and averaging of a subset of the particle list.

Figure 2 for website p.jpg The VirusMapper pipeline from raw image to averaged model. This example shows the vaccinia virus core.