Integration between etherpad and elgg.
Allows to convert pages into pads for collaborative editing.

For etherpad 1.1 and elgg 1.7.

  * Pages can be set as pads.
  * Convert data from pad to elgg when switching modes.
  * Allows anonymous users to participate, but they can only save revisions
    if a $CONFIG->anonymous is defined to a username and that user exists.

  * Install etherpad in your server, you need its host, port and database
    credentials to continue installing.
  * Copy the etherpad plugin into elgg mod folder (if you didn't already ;)),
    it should be called etherpad.
  * Add the proxy stuff to your apache config and enable mod_proxy (see APPENDIX 1).
  * Enable the etherpad plugin.
  * Set database and host info for etherpad in the admin panel.
  * Apply fixes from fix.elgg into elgg (you have to add $ manually in some jQuery callbacks, sorry :-P). Otherwise javascript won't work.


APPENDIX 1: apache proxy pass configuration for etherpad (change by your pad server url)

  # Allow connectios on port 443 and 80
  AllowCONNECT 443 80

  # ProxyPass the /static and /comet urls from etherpad
  ProxyPass /static
  ProxyPassReverse /static
  ProxyPass /comet
  ProxyPassReverse /comet

  # Allow the connection to stay alive
  SetEnv force-proxy-request-1.0 1
  SetEnv proxy-nokeepalive 1

  # Allow everyone to connect
  <Proxy *>
        <LimitExcept OPTIONS>
                allow from all