= FamFamFam icons for Elgg

Original icons by Mark James -

== Installation and Usage

  - install the plugin as "famfamfam" in your elgg/mod/ directory
  - enable the plugin from /pg/admin/plugins
  - you should now be able to use two new functions:
    silk_icon() and flag_icon()

Arguments are $name and $options:

  - $name, e.g., 'tux' for silk icon 'tux.png'
  - $options is an aptional array, e.g.:
    - 'anchor' => 'foo'
    - 'href'   => ''
    - 'css'    => 'class="bar"'
    - 'js'     => 'onMouseover="my_func();"' 

=== Examples

  <?php echo flag_icon('nl'); ?> to display the flag of the Netherlands.
  <?php echo silk_icon('tux', array('href' => '')); ?> to 
  link Tux to the GNU Project :)

== Bug Reports and Development

  Please note that Mark James, the author of these iconsets, is not 
involved in the development of this plugin.  So, don't bother him 
if you don't like an icon or if you want a new one (actually you might 
want to do that, and we will update the plugin accordingly ;o)

But seriously, leave him alone and address the Lorea developers instead.

The code sits on Bitbucket:

  cd /path/to/elgg/mod
  hg clone famfamfam

== License

  Elgg plugin copyright 2011 Lorea (
  elgg_famfamfam plugin is distributed under the GNU Affero 
  General Public License version 3 or later.

  Icons are copyrighted by Mark James (
  See below for the licenses of each iconset.

== Flags

This iconset is public domain.

The flags are named using the ISO3166-1 alpha-2 country codes where 
appropriate. A list of codes can be found at

== Silk Icons

The Silk iconset is released under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA 2.5)
As such, you are required to mention their author and origin.  A 
link to the author's page is appreciated.

If you find these icons useful, please donate via paypal 
to (or click the donate button available at



Mark James has nothing to do with the Elgg plugin!  So don't bother
him whith any trouble or suggestion you may have with it.  Contact the
Lorea developers instead at <>.