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GPG Support for elgg

1. Requires php-gnupg.
2. pecl install gnupg.
3. Requires patching elgg (elgg.patch) for encrypted notifications.
4. Place the plugin under elgg/mod/elggpg

There is two patches:
 * elgg.patch: patch to provide elgg with encrypted notifications when the
	       user has a gpg key uploaded to the site

 * elgg.patch_full: patch with the encrypted notifications plus changes needed
		    on the messages mod to avoid so much code duplication. The
		    needed code is already present on this version of the mod
		    so it can work stand alone without elgg modifications.

The plugin will manage its keys in a folder called "gpg" under the data folder
for the site.

The plugin goes along very well with firegpg. We recommend it so the user can
decrypt data on his browser easier.

- Investigate more ways to make gpg easier to use inside, or together with elgg.
- Investigate how to safely have a privety key for the site which can't be easily
- Make groups where only people with a key can enter.
- Allow entering into a site only when you have a given trust of other users (not really a goal).

General Public License version 2