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get_user_by_mail returns an array

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 	$user = get_user_by_username($username);
 }else if($email){
 	$user = get_user_by_email($email);
+	$user = $user[0];
+	$mail = true;
 if ($user) {
 		// event will display an appropriate message
 		trigger_elgg_event('validate', 'user', $user);
-} else {
-	register_error(sprintf(elgg_echo('user:username:notfound'), $username));
+} else{
+	if($mail){
+		register_error(sprintf(elgg_echo('user:email:notfound'),$email));	
+	}else{
+		register_error(sprintf(elgg_echo('user:username:notfound'), $username));
+	}


 	'user:language:fail' => "Your language settings could not be saved.",
 	'user:username:notfound' => 'Username %s not found.',
+	'user:email:notfound' => 'Email %s not found.',
+	'user:email:notvalidated' => 'User with email %s is not validated, therefore the password can not be changed.',
 	'user:password:lost' => 'Lost password',
 	'user:password:resetreq:success' => 'Successfully requested a new password, email sent',
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