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fix topbar focus

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 	padding:4px 10px 3px 10px;
 	background-color:#CCCCCF ;
+        margin-bottom: 2,4em;/*valor dependiente de #nav li ul { margin-top: 2.4em;} margin-bottom>=margin-top*/
 #nav ul {
     position: relative;
 	position: absolute;
 	width: 10em;
 	margin-left: -1000em; /* using left instead of display to hide menus because display: none isn't read by screen readers */
-	margin-top:2.4em;
+	margin-top:2.4em;/*valor dependiente de #nav a.mainmenu_img {margin-bottom: 2,4em}; margin-bottom>=margin-top*/
 /* third-and-above-level lists */
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