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Fixing language and adding debug to spammer action

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 	$options = array ('owner_guids' => $guid);
 	$entities = elgg_get_entities($options);
 	foreach( $entities as $entity ){
+		error_log("DELETED " . $entity->subtype );


 		'faq:list:edit:new_category' => "Kategoria berri bat adierazi mesedez",
 		'faq:list:edit:confirm:question' => "Are you sure you want to move ",
 		'faq:list:edit:confirm:category' => " question(s) to the category ",
-		'faq:list:edit:confirm:question' => "Ziur zaude "
+		'faq:list:edit:confirm:question' => "Ziur zaude ",
 		'faq:list:edit:confirm:category' => " galdera kategoria honetara mugitu nahi dituzula: ",
 		'faq:list:edit:category:please' => "Hautatu mugituko beharreko galdera bat edo gehiago mesedez",
 		'faq:list:edit:begin' => "Kategoria aldatu",
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