ecsv committed 9b7c775

Reset PIF_RAMb 46,47 after the n64_cic_nus_6105 challenge
The Banjo Tooie response check fails when the PIF RAM is is not set to zero
for byte 46 and 47.

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  1. littleguy77

    Just curious, can you explain what this resolves from the player's perspective? Wondering if it's worth pushing downstream right now, or if it can just wait until some other convenient time.

    1. ecsv author

      On Saturday 07 September 2013 13:32:11 littleguy77 wrote:

      For example less problems with the Banjo Tooie copy protection. But you still need the second hack from issue 101 to avoid some of the hangs.

Files changed (1)

             // calculate the proper response for the given challenge (X-Scale's algorithm)
             n64_cic_nus_6105(challenge, response, CHL_LEN - 2);
+            PIF_RAMb[46] = 0;
+            PIF_RAMb[47] = 0;
             // re-format the 'response' into a byte stream
             for (i = 0; i < 15; i++)