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      SHAREDIR=path == extra path to search for shared data files
      OPTFLAGS=flag == compiler optimization (default: -O3)
      PIC=(1|0)     == Force enable/disable of position independent code
+     OSD=(1|0)     == Enable/disable build of OpenGL On-screen display
+     NEW_DYNAREC=1 == Replace dynamic recompiler with Ari64's experimental dynarec
+     POSTFIX=name  == String added to the name of the the build (default: '')
    Install Options:
      PREFIX=path   == install/uninstall prefix (default: /usr/local/)
      SHAREDIR=path == path to install shared data (default: PREFIX/share/mupen64plus/)
      DBG_CORE=1    == print debugging info in r4300 core
      DBG_COUNT=1   == print R4300 instruction count totals (64-bit dynarec only)
      DBG_COMPARE=1 == enable core-synchronized r4300 debugging
+     DBG_TIMING=1  == print timing data
      DBG_PROFILE=1 == dump profiling data for r4300 dynarec to data file
      V=1           == show verbose compiler output
 NOTE: By default, uses /usr/local for the install prefix. Although
 the user can specify an alternate prefix to at the commandline, the
 mupen64plus binary was compiled to look for the install directory in /usr/local,
-so specifying an alternate prefix to will cause problems (mupen64plus
-will not find the install directory). If you want to use a prefix other than
-/usr/local, you will have to download the source package and build with the
-PREFIX option (see below).
+so specifying an alternate prefix to will cause problems (the
+mupen64plus front-end application will not find the directory containing the
+core library) unless the directory to which you install it is known by your
+dynamic library loader (ie, included in /etc/
+If you want to use a prefix other than /usr/local, you may also download the
+source code package and build with the PREFIX option (see below).
 *Source Distribution*
 you must pass the prefix, when building AND installing. For example, to install
 mupen64plus to /usr, do this:
- $ make all
+ $ make PREFIX=/usr all
  $ sudo make PREFIX=/usr install