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  2. mupen64plus-input-sdl


mupen64plus-input-sdl / INSTALL

Mupen64Plus-Input-SDL INSTALL

This text file was written to explain the installation process of the
Mupen64Plus-Input-SDL module.

If this module is part of a Mupen64Plus source code bundle, the user should run
the "m64p_install.sh" script in the root of the unzipped bundle to install all
of the included modules in the bundle.

If this module is a standalone source code release, you should build the library
from source code and install it via the makefile, like this:

$ cd projects/unix
$ make all
$ sudo make install

If you want to build the Mupen64Plus-Input-SDL module for installation in a
home folder for a single user, you may build it like this (replacing
<my-folder> with your desired local installation path):

$ cd projects/unix
$ make all
$ make install LIBDIR=<my-folder>