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  2. mupen64plus-input-sdl


mupen64plus-input-sdl / RELEASE

SDL Input plugin for Mupen64Plus

Mupen64Plus-input-sdl v1.99.5 - March 10, 2012
 - Improved input setup behavior (auto-config) to make some use cases more friendly
 - Updated input plugin for new Mupen64plus 2.0 API versioning scheme
 - Added version number to SDL Input plugin parameters
 - Add new parameter for mouse sensitivity, handle mouse movement differently so mouse is easier to use as controller
 - New auto-configuration for controllers:
   - raphnet technologies GC/N64 usb converter
   - Logitech Chillstream Controller
   - Jess Tech Colour Rumble
   - Xbox 360 linux userspace driver
   - Generic X-Box pad
   - Saitek P2900 Wireless Pad
   - Jess Tech USB 4-Axis 12-Button Gamepad
 - bugfix: #392 - when switching between rumble pak and memory pak, simulate removing the pack, waiting 1 second, then inserting the new one
 - bugfix: #424 - problem with USB devices supporting multiple controllers per device
 - bugfix: #409 - PS3 controller not auto-detected in Gentoo when connected via bluetooth
 - bugfix: correctly handle USB devices with multiple game pads, from Peter Helbing
 - makefile fixes and improvements

Mupen64Plus-input-sdl v1.99.4 - November 22, 2010
 - Bugfix: Do configuration during PluginStart(), so GUI will see defaults (auto-configured) the first time it is run
 - Move axis value reducers to right shift and right ctrl, to avoid conflict with A/B buttons
 - New feature: extra deadzone parameter in axis() config parameter clause when mapping an analog joystick axis to an N64 button
 - many new joystick auto-configurations
 - makefile fixes and improvements

Mupen64Plus-input-sdl v1.99.3 - February 13, 2010
 - New feature: auto-configuration uses an .ini file instead of hard-coding the controllers in the source code
 - New controller auto-configurations:
   - Original X-Box (and compatible clones)
   - HuiJia USB GamePad
   - USB Human(2p) Interface Device
 - sync with core<-->plugin API change for RomOpen()
 - Bugfix: controller pak was fixed at startup, switching b/w mempak and rumblepak did not work
 - Bugfix: Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers need slightly different names under OSX
 - Makefile improvements:
   - plugin must be linked with CC instead of LD because 'sdl-config --libs' can give "-Wl,-rpath"
   - added OS type GNU/kFreeBSD

Mupen64Plus-input-sdl v1.99.2 - January 6, 2010
 - new feature: added MSVC8 project file, minor code refactoring for VC compatibility
 - added auto-configuration for:
   - Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver
   - PS3 controller
   - Jess Tech Dual Analog Pad
 - Makefile improvements:
   - throw error if OS/CPU not supported
   - use DESTDIR in install/uninstall paths
   - Allow user-specified CC/CXX/LD paths

Mupen64Plus-input-sdl v1.99.1 - December 14, 2009
 - New feature: Joystick/Keyboard auto-configuration
 - New feature: deadzone and peak analog joystick values are now configurable
 - Converted to new Mupen64Plus 2.0 API
 - Refactored build system to separate source and object files
 - Major code cleanup: mouse movement and analog axis code was terrible, removed non-standard data types
 - Improved debug messages
 - bugfix: mapping the X/Y analog sticks to keypresses didnt work
 - bugfix: LeftCtrl-LeftAlt key command when mouse is enabled to now toggles between grabbing and releasing the mouse pointer

Mupen64Plus Pre-2.0
 - numerous fixes and enhancements were made to this code during the mupen64plus project before v2.0

Original Blight Changelog

 - when the keyboard is used to control an axis left shift and left control can be 
   pressed to change the axis movement. shift reduces the movement by 25%, control 
   reduces it by 50%, control and shift together reduce the movement by 75%
 - when the mouse is used left ctrl + left alt can be used to release the mouse, 
   clicking into the window will grab the mouse again.

 - import new version of SDL_tff (2.0.7)
 - when the keyboard is used to control an axis left shift can be pressed to change 
   the axis movement to 25% of the original value

 - fixed bug which didn't put analog axis back into default position when a key
   which was assigned to it was pressed and released again

 - fixed a stupid bug which disabled analog axis

 - sdl config dialog: input event queue is flushed before a 
   button/whatever is assigned

0.0.7: mouse support!
 - mouse support (x and y axis automatically mapped to analog stick,
   mouse buttons mapable onto n64 buttons)

 - keyboard and gamepad can be used at the same time (the keyboard will work always,
   even if you choose another device. if you want to use only the keyboard select
   keyboard as device

 - sdl about dialog
 - fixed config routine (incorrectly read X- axis)
 - fixed small sdl config dialog drawing bug
 - corrected config dialog c button labels

0.0.4: joystick hat support
 - fixed a segfault when the rom was closed
 - less axis sensibility when assigning a new mapping (changed from 10 to 50 percent)
 - less sensibility for axis mapped to buttons (changed from 10 to 20 percent)
 - it's possible to clear assignments and cancel an assignment
 - joystick hat support (mapable to axis and buttons)
 - fixed some bugs in the input reading function
 - fixed all compiler warnings

 - no more need for the SDL_image library
 - no longer link against gtk library

 - fixed a bug which didn't allow to assign anything to a pad button

0.0.2-1:			*BROKEN*
 - help for the SDL gui

0.0.2: new SDL config dialog!	*BROKEN*
 - fixed a bug where it wouldn't open the joystick device if you change the controller
 - sdl config dialog
 - some other lil' fixes

0.0.1: made some small fixes
 - now it's possible to map an axis (i.e. X Axis +) to a button (i.e.  DPAD_UP)
 - configuration is saved and displayed for all devices
 - changed the config dialog a bit (bigger text entries, bigger device combo)
 - new config file format

0.0.1b: initial version
 - should work :-)