Mupen64plus-ui-console README                                              v2.0

The latest documentation for this plugin can be found at:

Console Options

At startup, the mupen64plus program will look for a user configuration file
called 'mupen64plus.cfg'.  If this file does not exist, it will be created and
default settings will be written. If desired, an alternate config directory can
be specified using the --configdir commandline option.

Run 'mupen64plus --help' for a complete list of commandline options: 

 $ mupen64plus --help
Usage: mupen64plus [parameter(s)] [romfile]

    --noosd               : disable onscreen display
    --osd                 : enable onscreen display
    --fullscreen          : use fullscreen display mode
    --windowed            : use windowed display mode
    --resolution (res)    : display resolution (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, etc)
    --nospeedlimit        : disable core speed limiter (should be used with dummy audio plugin)
    --cheats (cheat-spec) : enable or list cheat codes for the given rom file
    --corelib (filepath)  : use core library (filepath) (can be only filename or full path)
    --configdir (dir)     : force configation directory to (dir); should contain mupen64plus.cfg
    --datadir (dir)       : search for shared data files (.ini files, languages, etc) in (dir)
    --plugindir (dir)     : search for plugins in (dir)
    --sshotdir (dir)      : set screenshot directory to (dir)
    --gfx (plugin-spec)   : use gfx plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --audio (plugin-spec) : use audio plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --input (plugin-spec) : use input plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --rsp (plugin-spec)   : use rsp plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --emumode (mode)      : set emu mode to: 0=Pure Interpreter 1=Interpreter 2=DynaRec
    --testshots (list)    : take screenshots at frames given in comma-separated (list), then quit
    --set (param-spec)    : set a configuration variable, format: ParamSection[ParamName]=Value
    --core-compare-send   : use the Core Comparison debugging feature, in data sending mode
    --core-compare-recv   : use the Core Comparison debugging feature, in data receiving mode
    --nosaveoptions       : do not save the given command-line options in configuration file
    --verbose             : print lots of information
    --help                : see this help message

    (pluginname)          : filename (without path) of plugin to find in plugin directory
    (pluginpath)          : full path and filename of plugin
    'dummy'               : use dummy plugin

    'list'                : show all of the available cheat codes
    'all'                 : enable all of the available cheat codes
    (codelist)            : a comma-separated list of cheat code numbers to enable,
                            with dashes to use code variables (ex 1-2 to use cheat 1 option 2)


To list the available cheats in the rom:

mupen64plus --cheats list "/path/to/my/rom.v64"

If there are cheats in the rom, you will get (in the output console):

UI-Console: 3 cheat code(s) found for ROM 'MY ROM'
   0: [Enable All Levels] (This is needed to be able to Play all Levels of the Game)
   1: [Enable All Weapons] (This is needed to be able to Play with all Weapons of the Game)
   2: etc...

All you have to do to use this cheats is:

mupen64plus --cheats 0,1,2 "/path/to/my/rom.v64"