ecsv committed 97a462e

Remove warning about wxDynamicLibrary
The Glitch64 library is now part of glide64mk2 and it doesn't need to check the
symbols of an external library. Therefore, no wxDynamicLibrary is needed.

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     grTextureBufferExt = 0;
-#pragma message ( "TODO: not sure what to replace wxDynamicLibrary with" )
-/*#ifdef __WINDOWS__
-  wxDynamicLibrary glidelib(_T("glide3x"));
-  if (glidelib.IsLoaded())
-  {
-    if (glidelib.HasSymbol(_T("_grStippleMode@4")))
-      grStippleModeExt = (GRSTIPPLE)glidelib.GetSymbol(_T("_grStippleMode@4"));
-    if (glidelib.HasSymbol(_T("_grStipplePattern@4")))
-      grStipplePatternExt = (GRSTIPPLE)glidelib.GetSymbol(_T("_grStipplePattern@4"));
-  }
   grStippleModeExt = (GRSTIPPLE)grStippleMode;
   grStipplePatternExt = (GRSTIPPLE)grStipplePattern;
   if (grStipplePatternExt)
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