• Create a simple importable Python module which will produce parsed WHOIS data for a given domain.
  • Able to extract data for all the popular TLDs (com, org, net, ...)
  • Query a WHOIS server directly instead of going through an intermediate web service like many others do.
  • Works with Python 2 & 3


>>> import whois
>>> w = whois.whois('')
>>> w.expiration_date  # dates converted to datetime object
datetime.datetime(2013, 6, 26, 0, 0)
>>> w.text  # the content downloaded from whois server
u'\nWhois Server Version 2.0\n\nDomain names in the .com and .net

>>> print w  # print values of all found attributes
creation_date: 2004-06-26 00:00:00
emails: [u'', u'']
expiration_date: 2013-06-26 00:00:00


Install from pypi:

$ pip install python-whois

Or checkout latest version from repository:

$ hg clone

Note that then you will need to manually install the futures module, which allows supporting both Python 2 & 3:

$ pip install futures

Run test cases for python 2 & 3:

$ python -m unittest discover test
Ran 13 tests in 0.812s


$ python3 -m unittest discover test
Ran 13 tests in 1.431s


SOCKS Proxy support requirements:

$ pip install PySocks
$ export


Pull requests are welcome!

Thanks to the many who have sent patches for additional TLDs. If you want to add or fix a TLD it's quite straightforward. See example domains in whois/

Basically each TLD has a similar format to the following:

class WhoisOrg(WhoisEntry):
"""Whois parser for .org domains
regex = {
    'domain_name':      'Domain Name: *(.+)',
    'registrar':        'Registrar: *(.+)',
    'whois_server':     'Whois Server: *(.+)',

def __init__(self, domain, text):
    if text.strip() == 'NOT FOUND':
        raise PywhoisError(text)
        WhoisEntry.__init__(self, domain, text)