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 cd adopt
 hg clone https://bitbucket.org/adoptopenjdk/jdk8 jdk8
+* Get the jdk8 sources:
+    * `$ cd jdk8` 
+    * `$ chmod u+x get_source.sh`
+    * `$ ./get_source.sh`
 * Your final directory structure should look something like the following. There may be directories missing (e.g., bin, logs, target), but the important dirs that you should check are present and in the correct location are **betterrev**, **adopt**, **jdk8**:
-* Go to the betterrev_project/betterrev directory and type:
-`play run`
+* Go to the betterrev_project/betterrev directory and launch the Play sbt interactive console by typing:
+* From the Play Console you can execute the following commands (from within the $SOURCE/betterrev/betterrev/ folder)
+    * `[betterrev] $ compile`
+    * `[betterrev] $ test`
+    * `[betterrev] $ run`
+* The commands should be self-explanatory, and so go ahead and run the Betterrev application
 * Launch [Betterrev](http://localhost:9000/). 
     * You may see an error page in your browser (and a corresponding stacktrace in the play terminal window) stating something like **Database 'default' needs evolution!**, but this is normal, and you should click the 'Apply this script now!'. Play uses the 'ebean' framework to manage/migrate the database schema (much like the frameworks 'liquibase' or 'flyway'), and this error is simply stating that your database schema needs to be created or updated.