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Try to create an abstract request type

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 (define get-request-method
+  (lambda (req)
+    (cdr (assoc 'method req))))
+(define request-method-from-line
   (lambda (line)
     (car (string-tokenize line))))
 (define get-request-path
+  (lambda (req)
+    (cadr (assoc 'path req))))
+(define request-path-from-line
   ; Maximum ghetto. Expect a line like:
   ; GET /index.html HTTP/1.1
   (lambda (line)
       ; TODO strip query strings
       (car (cdr tokenized-line)))))
+(define make-request
+  (lambda (line) ; port?
+    '((path (get-request-path line))
+      (method (get-request-method line)))))
     ; about from it's first line
     (let ((line (read-line in)))
       (if (not (equal? line #!eof))
-        (let ((request-path (get-request-path line))
-           (request-method (get-request-method line))
-           (response (make-response)))
+        (let* ((request (make-request line))
+               (response (make-response))
+               (request-path (get-request-path request)))
         (cond ((string=? request-path "/")
              (set-response-header "Content-Type" "text/html"
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