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updated for version 7.3.272
Problem: ":put =list" does not add an empty line for a trailing empty
Solution: Add a trailing NL when turning a list into a string.

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 	    ga_init2(&ga, (int)sizeof(char), 80);
 	    if (tv.vval.v_list != NULL)
+	    {
 		list_join(&ga, tv.vval.v_list, (char_u *)"\n", TRUE, 0);
+		if (tv.vval.v_list->lv_len > 0)
+		    ga_append(&ga, NL);
+	    }
 	    ga_append(&ga, NUL);
 	    retval = (char_u *)ga.ga_data;
 static int included_patches[] =
 {   /* Add new patch number below this line */
+    272,
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