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updated for version 7.3.280
Problem: ":lmake" does not update the quickfix window title.
Solution: Update the title. (Lech Lorens)

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 static win_T	*qf_find_win __ARGS((qf_info_T *qi));
 static buf_T	*qf_find_buf __ARGS((qf_info_T *qi));
 static void	qf_update_buffer __ARGS((qf_info_T *qi));
+static void	qf_set_title __ARGS((qf_info_T *qi));
 static void	qf_fill_buffer __ARGS((qf_info_T *qi));
 static char_u	*get_mef_name __ARGS((void));
     if (qi->qf_lists[qi->qf_curlist].qf_title != NULL)
-	set_internal_string_var((char_u *)"w:quickfix_title",
-				       qi->qf_lists[qi->qf_curlist].qf_title);
+	qf_set_title(qi);
     curwin->w_cursor.lnum = qi->qf_lists[qi->qf_curlist].qf_index;
     curwin->w_cursor.col = 0;
     qf_info_T	*qi;
     buf_T	*buf;
+    win_T	*win;
+    win_T	*curwin_save;
     aco_save_T	aco;
     /* Check if a buffer for the quickfix list exists.  Update it. */
+	if (qi->qf_lists[qi->qf_curlist].qf_title != NULL
+	    && (win = qf_find_win(qi)) != NULL)
+	{
+	    curwin_save = curwin;
+	    curwin = win;
+	    qf_set_title(qi);
+	    curwin = curwin_save;
+	}
 	/* restore curwin/curbuf and a few other things */
+    static void
+    qf_info_T	*qi;
+    set_internal_string_var((char_u *)"w:quickfix_title",
+				    qi->qf_lists[qi->qf_curlist].qf_title);
  * Fill current buffer with quickfix errors, replacing any previous contents.
  * curbuf must be the quickfix buffer!


 :" Also test a BOM is ignored.
 :so mbyte.vim
 :set encoding=utf-8
-:/start of errorfile/,/end of errorfile/w! Xerrorfile
+:7/start of errorfile/,/end of errorfile/w! Xerrorfile1
+:7/start of errorfile/,/end of errorfile/-1w! Xerrorfile2
 :/start of testfile/,/end of testfile/w! Xtestfile
-:cf Xerrorfile
+:cf Xerrorfile2
+:let a=w:quickfix_title
+:wincmd p
+:cf Xerrorfile1
+:wincmd w
+:let a=w:quickfix_title
+:wincmd p
 :w! test.out             " Write contents of this file
 "Xtestfile", linenr 19: yet another problem
 Does anyone know what is the problem and how to correction it?
+"Xtestfile", line 21 col 9: What is the title of the quickfix window?
+"Xtestfile", line 22 col 9: What is the title of the quickfix window?
 end of errorfile
 start of testfile


 line 18 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Eine 19 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 line 20 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-line 21 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-line 22 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
+line 21 :cf Xerrorfile1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
+line 22 :cf Xerrorfile2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 end of testfile
 static int included_patches[] =
 {   /* Add new patch number below this line */
+    280,
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