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vim / README_ami.txt

README_ami.txt for version 7.2 of Vim: Vi IMproved.

This file explains the installation of Vim on Amiga systems.
See README.txt for general information about Vim.

Unpack the distributed files in the place where you want to keep them.  It is
wise to have a "vim" directory to keep your vimrc file and any other files you
change.  The distributed files go into a subdirectory.  This way you can
easily upgrade to a new version.  For example:

  dh0:editors/vim		contains your vimrc and modified files
  dh0:editors/vim/vim54		contains the Vim version 5.4 distributed files
  dh0:editors/vim/vim55		contains the Vim version 5.5 distributed files

You would then unpack the archives like this:

  cd dh0:editors
  tar xf t:vim60bin.tar
  tar xf t:vim60rt.tar

Set the $VIM environment variable to point to the top directory of your Vim
files.  For the above example:

  set VIM=dh0:editors/vim

Vim version 5.4 will look for your vimrc file in $VIM, and for the runtime
files in $VIM/vim54.  See ":help $VIM" for more information.

Make sure the Vim executable is in your search path.  Either copy the Vim
executable to a directory that is in your search path, or (preferred) modify
the search path to include the directory where the Vim executable is.