vim / README_vms.txt

README_vms.txt for version 7.0aa of Vim: Vi IMproved.

This file explains the installation of Vim on VMS systems.
See "README.txt" in the runtime archive for information about Vim.

Most information can be found in the on-line documentation.  Use ":help vms"
inside Vim.  Or get the runtime files and read runtime/doc/os_vms.txt to find
out how to install and configure Vim with runtime files etc.

To compile Vim yourself you need three archives:
  vim-X.X-rt.tar.gz	runtime files
  vim-X.X-src.tar.gz	source files
  vim-X.X-extra.tar.gz	extra source files

Compilation is recommended, in order to make sure that the correct
libraries are used for your specific system.  However, you might not be
able to compile Vim, read more from src/INSTALLvms.txt.

To use the binary version, you need one of these archives:	Alpha GUI/Motif executables      Alpha GUI/GTK executables	Alpha console executables	VAX GUI executables	VAX console executables

and of course		runtime files

The binary archives contain: vim.exe, ctags.exe, xxd.exe, mms_vim.exe files,
but there are also prepared "deploy ready" archives:		GUI and console executables with runtime and
				help files for Alpha systems			GUI and console executables with runtime and
				help files for VAX systems

These executables and up to date patches for OpenVMS system are downloadable
from or