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Remove pdb.set_trace()

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 * XML Comment tests
 * XML attribute support (non-py:-namespaced)
 * XML attributes: py:content, py:replace, py:strip, py:attrs
+* XML serialization to HTML4, HTML5
 * Track line number information in Text  templates
-* Write XML => IR compiler
-* Add HTML5 support to XML language (flag in XMLTemplate to omit some close tags &
-  namespaces)
 * Write CSS => IR compiler (and document language)
    - Make sure it replicates the features of Sass plus even more
 * Template designer documentation for text templates

File fastpt/v2/xml_template.py

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         tree.tagName = 'py:nop'
     if tree.tagName != 'py:nop' and tree.hasAttribute('py:extends'):
-        import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
         value = tree.getAttribute('py:extends')
         el = tree.ownerDocument.createElement('py:extends')
         el.setAttribute('href', value)