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import re
from collections import defaultdict
from cStringIO import StringIO
from xml import sax
from htmllib import HTMLParser
from xml.dom import minidom as dom

from . import ir
from . import template
from .markup_template import QDIRECTIVES, QDIRECTIVES_DICT
from .html_utils import HTML_OPTIONAL_END_TAGS

_pattern = r'''
    (?P<expr_escaped>\$) |      # Escape $$
    (?P<expr_named>[_a-z][_a-z0-9.]*) | # $
    {(?P<expr_braced>) | # ${....
_re_pattern = re.compile(_pattern, re.VERBOSE | re.IGNORECASE|re.MULTILINE)

def XMLTemplate(
    if source is None:
        source = open(filename).read()
    if filename is None:
        filename = '<string>'
    doc = _Parser(filename, source).parse()
    ir_ = _Compiler(filename, doc, mode).compile()
    return template.from_ir(ir_)

class _Compiler(object):

    def __init__(self, filename, doc, mode='xml'):
        self.filename = filename
        self.doc = doc
        self.mode = mode
        self.functions = defaultdict(list)
        self.functions['__call__()'] = []
        self.mod_py = []
        self.in_def = False
        self.is_child = False

    def compile(self):
        body = list(self._compile_node(self.doc.firstChild))
        self.functions['__call__()'] = body
        defs = [ ir.DefNode(k, *v) for k,v in self.functions.iteritems() ]
        return ir.TemplateNode(self.mod_py, defs)

    def _compile_node(self, node):
        if isinstance(node, dom.Comment):
            return self._compile_comment(node)
        elif isinstance(node, dom.Text):
            return self._compile_text(node)
        elif isinstance(node, dom.ProcessingInstruction):
            return self._compile_pi(node)
        elif node.tagName.startswith('py:'):
            # Handle directives
            compiler = getattr(self, '_compile_%s' % node.tagName.split(':')[-1])
            return compiler(node)
            return self._compile_xml(node)

    def _compile_xml(self, node):
        content = attrs = guard = None
        if node.hasAttribute('py:strip'):
            guard = node.getAttribute('py:strip')
        yield ir.TextNode(u'<%s' % node.tagName, guard)
        for k,v in node.attributes.items():
            tc = _TextCompiler(self.filename, v, node.lineno)
            v = list(tc)
            # v = u''.join(n.text for n in tc)
            if k == 'py:content':
                content = node.getAttribute('py:content')
            elif k == 'py:attrs':
                attrs = node.getAttribute('py:attrs')
            yield ir.AttrNode(k, v, guard, self.mode)
        if attrs:
            yield ir.AttrsNode(attrs, guard, self.mode)
        if content:
            yield ir.TextNode(u'>', guard)
            yield ir.ExprNode(content)
            yield ir.TextNode(u'</%s>' % node.tagName, guard)
            if node.childNodes:
                yield ir.TextNode(u'>', guard)
                for cn in node.childNodes:
                    for x in self._compile_node(cn):
                        yield x
                if not (self.mode.startswith('html')
                        and node.tagName in HTML_OPTIONAL_END_TAGS):
                    yield ir.TextNode(u'</%s>' % node.tagName, guard)
                if (self.mode.startswith('html')
                    and node.tagName in HTML_OPTIONAL_END_TAGS):
                    yield ir.TextNode(u'>', guard)
                    yield ir.TextNode(u'/>', guard)

    def _compile_replace(self, node):
        yield ir.ExprNode(node.getAttribute('value'))

    def _compile_pi(self, node):
        body = ir.TextNode(
        node = ir.PythonNode(body)
        if node.module_level:
            yield node

    def _compile_import(self, node):
        href = node.getAttribute('href')
        if node.hasAttribute('alias'):
            yield ir.ImportNode(href, node.getAttribute('alias'))
            yield ir.ImportNode(href)

    def _compile_extends(self, node):
        self.is_child = True
        href = node.getAttribute('href')
        yield ir.ExtendNode(href)
        for x in self._compile_nop(node):
            yield x

    def _compile_include(self, node):
        href = node.getAttribute('href')
        yield ir.IncludeNode(href)

    def _compile_block(self, node):
        fname = '_kj_block_' + node.getAttribute('name')
        decl = fname + '()'
        body = list(self._compile_nop(node))
        self.functions[decl] = body
        if self.is_child:
            parent_block = 'parent.' + fname
            body.insert(0, ir.PythonNode(ir.TextNode('parent_block=%s' % parent_block)))
            yield ir.ExprNode(decl)

    def _compile_def(self, node):
        old_in_def, self.in_def = self.in_def, True
        body = list(self._compile_nop(node))
        self.in_def = old_in_def
        if self.in_def:
            yield ir.InnerDefNode(node.getAttribute('function'), *body)
            self.functions[node.getAttribute('function')] = body

    def _compile_call(self, node):
        if node.childNodes[0].hasAttribute('args'):
            defn = '$caller(' + node.childNodes[0].getAttribute('args') + ')'
            defn = '$caller()'
        yield ir.CallNode(
            node.getAttribute('function').replace('%caller', '$caller'),

    def _compile_text(self, node):
        tc = _TextCompiler(self.filename,, node.lineno)
        for x in tc:
            yield x

    def _compile_comment(self, node):
        if not'!'):
            yield ir.TextNode('<!-- %s -->' %

    def _compile_for(self, node):
        yield ir.ForNode(node.getAttribute('each'),

    def _compile_switch(self, node):
        # Filter out text nodes
        body = [ x for x in self._compile_nop(node)
                 if not isinstance(x, ir.TextNode) ]
        yield ir.SwitchNode(node.getAttribute('test'), *body)

    def _compile_case(self, node):
        yield ir.CaseNode(node.getAttribute('value'),

    def _compile_if(self, node):
        yield ir.IfNode(node.getAttribute('test'),

    def _compile_else(self, node):
        yield ir.ElseNode(

    def _compile_nop(self, node):
        for c in node.childNodes:
            for x in self._compile_node(c):
                yield x

class _TextCompiler(object):

    def __init__(self, filename, source, lineno):
        self.filename = filename
        self.source = source
        self.orig_lineno = lineno
        self.lineno = 0
        self.pos = 0
    def text(self, text):
        node = ir.TextNode(text)
        node.lineno = self.real_lineno
        self.lineno += text.count('\n')
        return node

    def expr(self, text):
        node = ir.ExprNode(text)
        node.lineno = self.real_lineno
        self.lineno += text.count('\n')
        return node

    def real_lineno(self):
        return self.orig_lineno + self.lineno

    def __iter__(self):
        source = self.source
        for mo in _re_pattern.finditer(source):
            start = mo.start()
            if start > self.pos:
                yield self.text(source[self.pos:start])
            self.pos = start
            groups = mo.groupdict()
            if groups['expr_braced'] is not None:
                self.pos = mo.end()
                yield self._get_braced_expr()
            elif groups['expr_named'] is not None:
                self.pos = mo.end()
                yield self.expr(groups['expr_named'])
                msg = 'Syntax error %s:%s' % (self.filename, self.real_lineno)
                for i, line in enumerate(self.source.splitlines()):
                    print '%3d %s' % (i+1, line)
                print msg
                assert False, groups
        if self.pos != len(source):
            yield self.text(source[self.pos:])

    def _get_braced_expr(self):
            compile(self.source[self.pos:], '', 'eval')
        except SyntaxError, se:
            end = se.offset+self.pos
            text = self.source[self.pos:end-1]
            self.pos = end
            return self.expr(text)
class _Parser(sax.ContentHandler):

    def __init__(self, filename, source):
        self._filename = filename
        self._source = source
        self._doc = None
        self._els = []

    def parse(self):
        self._parser = parser = sax.make_parser()
        parser.setFeature(sax.handler.feature_external_pes, False)
        parser.setFeature(sax.handler.feature_external_ges, False)
        parser.setFeature(sax.handler.feature_namespaces, False)
        parser.setProperty(sax.handler.property_lexical_handler, self)
        return self._doc

    ## ContentHandler implementation
    def startDocument(self):
        self._doc = dom.Document()

    def startElement(self, name, attrs):
        el = self._doc.createElement(name)
        el.lineno = self._parser.getLineNumber()
        for k,v in attrs.items():

    def endElement(self, name):
        popped = self._els.pop()
        assert name == popped.tagName

    def characters(self, content):
        node = self._doc.createTextNode(content)
        node.lineno = self._parser.getLineNumber()

    def processingInstruction(self, target, data):
        node = self._doc.createProcessingInstruction(target, data)
        node.lineno = self._parser.getLineNumber()

    def skippedEntity(self, name):
        content = unicode(HTMLParser.entitydefs[name], 'latin-1')
        return self.characters(content)

    def startElementNS(self, name, qname, attrs): # pragma no cover
        raise NotImplementedError, 'startElementNS'

    def endElementNS(self, name, qname):# pragma no cover
        raise NotImplementedError, 'startElementNS'

    def startPrefixMapping(self, prefix, uri):# pragma no cover
        raise NotImplemented, 'startPrefixMapping'

    def endPrefixMapping(self, prefix):# pragma no cover
        raise NotImplemented, 'endPrefixMapping'

    # LexicalHandler implementation
    def comment(self, text):
        node = self._doc.createComment(text)
        node.lineno = self._parser.getLineNumber()

    def startCDATA(self): pass
    def endCDATA(self): pass
    def startDTD(self, name, pubid, sysid): pass
    def endDTD(self): pass

def expand(tree, parent=None):
    if isinstance(tree, dom.Document):
        expand(tree.firstChild, tree)
        return tree
    if not isinstance(getattr(tree, 'tagName', None), basestring):
        return tree
    if tree.tagName in QDIRECTIVES_DICT:
        tree.tagName = 'py:nop'
    if tree.tagName != 'py:nop' and tree.hasAttribute('py:extends'):
        value = tree.getAttribute('py:extends')
        el = tree.ownerDocument.createElement('py:extends')
        el.setAttribute('href', value)
        el.lineno = tree.lineno
        tree.childNodes.insert(0, el)
    for directive, attr in QDIRECTIVES:
        if not tree.hasAttribute(directive): continue
        value = tree.getAttribute(directive)
        # nsmap = (parent is not None) and parent.nsmap or tree.nsmap
        el = tree.ownerDocument.createElement(directive)
        el.lineno = tree.lineno
        if attr:
            el.setAttribute(attr, value)
        # el.setsourceline = tree.sourceline
        parent.replaceChild(newChild=el, oldChild=tree)
        expand(tree, el)
        return el
    for child in tree.childNodes:
        expand(child, tree)
    return tree