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  • A scanner for hyperlinks within webpages. The Link Sleuth scans HTML and XHTML pages and follows the links it finds. It is also able to follow links in CSS and (planned) JSON documents. Having scanned the tree of documents, a report is produced of the status of each URL visited, highlighting broken links etc.

Getting Started

You will need:

  • a JVM (Java)
  • sbt (Simple Build Tool for Scala)

Go ahead and try:

$ hg clone
$ cd fastlinksleuth
$ sbt assembly

and then run it on your local staging webserver:

$ java -mx512M -jar target/fastlinksleuth-assembly-0.5.jar -v -t5 -r10 -olocalhost-report.html http://localhost/
$ firefox localhost-report.html

This will explore your local webserver, up to ten levels of links deep (-r10) using five threads (-t5) for extra speed, and reporting what it's doing as it goes (-v). A report will be written to the file localhost-report.html in HTML format. There are many other options.


To get more information on command-line switches, run with none of them:

java -mx512M -jar target/fastlinksleuth-assembly-0.5.jar