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Neville the Rememberall - A different desktop wiki

Neville is a desktop wiki that is differs a bit from ordinary Wikis, more like a information database.

A rememberall is a globe that Neville receives from his grandma in the first Harry Potter film. It goes red if Neville forgets something.


Neville uses Creole Wiki syntax for document content combined with extensions for document meta-data and categorization. Read more on the WikiSyntax page.

Categorizing the content

In Neville you organize the information using categories. A document belongs to one or more categories. Adding a document to a category is easy:
{{ category: "projects/neville/features/open" }} Adding several category statements will add the document to several categories. User can also drag an item from the category tree into a document to create a category statement.

I am using categories to organize information related to several ongoing projects at work while in a nother category tree keeping track of our enterprise architecture TOGAF style.

Relate a document to a category

Sometimes a document does not really belong to a category but rather is related to one. Relating to a category is easy:
{{ related to category "projects/neville/" }}

When I have a meeting regarding an application the notes may rather be related to the application than categorized as the application.

Remember the pumpkin juice

Remembering things is central for a rememberall and is very simple.

To create a ToDo simply write:
[] Ordinary todo

You can tag the todo: [check] Taged todo

You can mark the state of a todo with or without tag using a modifier:

[!] Important ordinary todo
[*] Done ordinary todo
[!check] Important taged todo
[+check] Postponed taged todo
[-check] Cancelled taged todo
The following modifiers are recognized:

50%Started, 50% done. Any integral number can be used.
NoneNo modifier implies an open todo.

ToDo Outline

I like my ToDos be documented in its context. When I am on a meeting an have a todo to take care of I like to write it down in my minutes where I think it belongs. This way my ToDos are spread all over the place so the User needs to have a summary overview of ToDos. Simply right click in the category tree and chose "Summarize from here" on a node and all ToDos the tree including that node will be displayed in the summary window.

The summary is updated every time a document is rendered so marking a ToDo done will remove it from list.