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add dump sub

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     .return ($S0)
+.sub 'dump'
+    .param pmc ary
+    .local pmc val
+    .local int i, size, status
+    size = ary
+  i=0
+  print "dump: "
+  loop:
+    if i == size goto end_loop
+    val = ary[0]
+    i += 1
+    print "("
+    print val
+    print ")"
+  end_loop:
 .sub 'find_other'
     .local int i, size, status
     .local string name, speaker
 use Parrot::Test::Harness language => 'z2',
                           compiler => 'z2.pbc';
+#use Parrot::Test::Harness language => 'z2',
+#                          exec => ['ruby'],
+#                          files => ['t/*.rb'];
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