shakespeare-parrot / example / fibonacci.spl

By Peter Nillius 2001-08-31
<nillius at nada dot kth dot se>

Fibonacci's numbers.

Romeo, a lover with an accumulative memory.
Juliet, a beautiful but domineering woman.
Ulysses, a spaceman.

                    Act I: A Minimalistic Play.

                    Scene I: Juliet Sets Things Straight.

[Enter Romeo and Juliet]

 You are nothing. Remember yourself.
 You are the difference between nothing and a pig.
 Open your heart!

[Exit Romeo]

[Enter Ulysses]

 You are the twice the square of the product of an stinking
 goat and a fat pig. Speak your mind!

                    Scene II: Accumulative Juggling.

[Exit Ulysses]

[Enter Romeo]

 You are me.

 Recall your inner most fears. You are the sum of me and thyself. 
 Are you better than nothing?

 If not, we shall proceed to scene IV.

 Open your heart! Remember me.
[Exit Romeo]

                    Scene III: A Spaceman Interferes.

[Enter Ulysses]

 Speak thy mind! 

 We must return to Scene II.

                    Scene IV: Romeo's head overflows.

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