shakespeare-parrot / Makefile

# ex: set ro ft=make:
# Generated by Parrot::Configure::Compiler from languages/shakespeare/config/makefiles/

## $Id$

## arguments we want to run parrot with

## configuration settings
BUILD_DIR     = /home/rff/parrot
LOAD_EXT      = .so
O             = .o

## Setup some commands
LN_S          = /bin/ln -s
PERL          = /usr/bin/perl
RM_RF         = $(PERL) -MExtUtils::Command -e rm_rf
CP            = $(PERL) -MExtUtils::Command -e cp
PARROT        = ../../parrot
CAT           = $(PERL) -MExtUtils::Command -e cat
BUILD_DYNPMC  = $(PERL) $(BUILD_DIR)/tools/build/
RECONFIGURE   = $(PERL) $(BUILD_DIR)/tools/dev/

## places to look for things
PARROT_DYNEXT = $(BUILD_DIR)/runtime/parrot/dynext
PGE_LIBRARY   = $(BUILD_DIR)/runtime/parrot/library/PGE
PERL6GRAMMAR  = $(PGE_LIBRARY)/Perl6Grammar.pbc
NQP           = $(BUILD_DIR)/compilers/nqp/nqp.pbc
PCT           = $(BUILD_DIR)/runtime/parrot/library/PCT.pbc

PMC_DIR       = src/pmc

all: shakespeare.pbc

shakespeare_GROUP = $(PMC_DIR)/shakespeare_group$(LOAD_EXT)

SOURCES = shakespeare.pir \
  src/gen_grammar.pir \
  src/gen_actions.pir \
  src/gen_builtins.pir \
#  $(shakespeare_GROUP)

  src/builtins/base.pir \

# PMCS = shakespeare
# PMC_SOURCES = $(PMC_DIR)/shakespeare.pmc

# the default target
shakespeare.pbc: $(PARROT) $(SOURCES)
	$(PARROT) $(PARROT_ARGS) -o shakespeare.pbc shakespeare.pir

src/gen_grammar.pir: $(PERL6GRAMMAR) src/parser/ src/parser/
	    --output=src/gen_grammar.pir \
	    src/parser/ \
	    src/parser/ \

src/gen_actions.pir: $(NQP) $(PCT) src/parser/
	$(PARROT) $(PARROT_ARGS) $(NQP) --output=src/gen_actions.pir \
	    --target=pir src/parser/

src/gen_builtins.pir: $(BUILTINS_PIR)
	$(CAT) $(BUILTINS_PIR) >src/gen_builtins.pir

$(shakespeare_GROUP): $(PARROT) $(PMC_SOURCES)
	cd $(PMC_DIR) && $(BUILD_DYNPMC) generate $(PMCS)
	cd $(PMC_DIR) && $(BUILD_DYNPMC) compile $(PMCS)
	cd $(PMC_DIR) && $(BUILD_DYNPMC) linklibs $(PMCS)
	cd $(PMC_DIR) && $(BUILD_DYNPMC) copy --destination=$(PARROT_DYNEXT) $(PMCS)

# This is a listing of all targets, that are meant to be called by users
	@echo ""
	@echo "Following targets are available for the user:"
	@echo ""
	@echo "  all:               shakespeare.pbc"
	@echo "                     This is the default."
	@echo "Testing:"
	@echo "  test:              Run the test suite."
	@echo "  extest:            Run the test suite for examples."
	@echo "  fulltest:          Run both."
	@echo "  testclean:         Clean up test results."
	@echo ""
	@echo "Cleaning:"
	@echo "  clean:             Basic cleaning up."
	@echo "  realclean:         Removes also files generated by ''"
	@echo "  distclean:         Removes also anything built, in theory"
	@echo ""
	@echo "Misc:"
	@echo "  help:              Print this help message."
	@echo ""

test: all
	$(PERL) t/harness

extest: all 
	$(PERL) t/example_harness

fulltest: all test extest

# this target has nothing to do

  shakespeare.pbc \
  src/gen_grammar.pir \
  src/gen_actions.pir \
  src/gen_builtins.pir \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.h \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.c \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.dump \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*$(O) \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*$(LOAD_EXT) \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.exp \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.ilk \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.manifest \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.pdb \
  $(PMC_DIR)/*.lib \

clean: testclean

realclean: clean
	$(RM_RF) Makefile

distclean: realclean
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