Module::Skeleton is a program for creating Perl 6 module skeletons.


    module-skeleton \
        --author="Jon Doe" \
        --description="Absolutely delicious." \
        Acme::Popsicle ~/projects/Acme-Popsicle

All options but the module name (in this case Acme::Popsicle) are optional. If
no directory is given, one will be created in the current working directory
based on the name of the module (Acme::Popsicle would go in ./Acme-Popsicle).

After installation, invoke module-skeleton from the command line with no
options to get more usage information.

Lack of features

Some actions have to be taken manually after invoking module-skeleton:

 - Adding VCS configuration, because we cannot guess what VCS you use.
 - Adding a license, because we cannot guess your desires.
 - Adding a readme, because we cannot guess what your program or library is

In the future, these may be generated by Module::Skeleton, albeit not by