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Ryan Riley  committed 522b250

Update build.bat and FParsec.nuspec for the lastest version of FParsec.

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File build.bat

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 echo Cleaning deployment targets
-del FParsec.
+del FParsec.
 rmdir /s/q .\nuget\lib
 mkdir .\nuget\lib
 echo Building and deploying nuget package
 .\Tools\NuGet.exe pack .\nuget\FParsec.nuspec
-.\Tools\NuGet.exe delete FParsec
-.\Tools\NuGet.exe push FParsec.
+.\Tools\NuGet.exe delete FParsec
+.\Tools\NuGet.exe push FParsec.

File nuget/FParsec.nuspec

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 <package xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/packaging/2010/07/nuspec.xsd">
-    <version></version>
-    <authors>Stephan Tolksdorf (FParsec), Ryan Riley (NuGet Package)</authors>
+    <version></version>
+    <authors>Stephan Tolksdorf (FParsec), panesofglass and khanzor (NuGet Package)</authors>
     <tags>parser combinator parsec fsharp</tags>