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rgframe is a collection of various helpers, wrappers etc. to make coding on Google App Engine easier. It has been created with personal use in mind.


While the included will fetch dependencies for all features, rgframe tries to only import modules if their functionality is immediately required. For example, gae-sessions is only imported if sessions=True is set in the WebApp config. This means that you can run a very basic app (all optional features disabled, as by default) with BeautifulSoup as the only dependency.


No support for this code is guaranteed. File bugs using Bitbucket's [issues tracker](


Preferably, problems should be solved via Bitbucket's [issues tracker](

Otherwise, contact me via [Bitbucket]( or [Twitter](

Recent activity

Rhys !

Commits by Rhys ! were pushed to rimmington/rgframe

e524189 - no longer coercing Handler.reply data parameter to unicode/utf-8, and made Content-Type header manipulation more transparent
Rhys !

Commits by Rhys ! were pushed to rimmington/rgframe

8cda7d5 - removed unused babel import and locale code; removed babel from install_requires in
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