zorkish / ZorkishGame.cpp

 * ZorkishGame.cpp
 *  Created on: 24/08/2012
 *      Author: rhys

#include "ZorkishGame.hpp"
#include "stages/MainMenuStage.hpp"

ZorkishGame::ZorkishGame() {

ZorkishGame::~ZorkishGame() = default;

ActiveStageManager& ZorkishGame::stage_manager() {
    return this->smgr;

const std::unique_ptr<AboutStage>& ZorkishGame::about() {
    if (!this->about_stg) {
        this->about_stg.reset(new AboutStage(*this));
    return this->about_stg;

const std::unique_ptr<HallOfFameStage>& ZorkishGame::hall_of_fame() {
    if (!this->hall_of_fame_stg) {
        this->hall_of_fame_stg.reset(new HallOfFameStage(*this));
    return this->hall_of_fame_stg;

const std::unique_ptr<HelpStage>& ZorkishGame::help() {
    if (!this->help_stg) {
        this->help_stg.reset(new HelpStage(*this));
    return this->help_stg;

const std::unique_ptr<HighScoreStage>& ZorkishGame::high_score() {
    if (!this->high_score_stg) {
        this->high_score_stg.reset(new HighScoreStage(*this));
    return this->high_score_stg;

const std::unique_ptr<MainMenuStage>& ZorkishGame::main_menu() {
    if (!this->main_menu_stg) {
        this->main_menu_stg.reset(new MainMenuStage(*this));
    return this->main_menu_stg;

const std::unique_ptr<SelectAdventureStage>& ZorkishGame::select_adventure() {
    if (!this->select_adv_stg) {
        this->select_adv_stg.reset(new SelectAdventureStage(*this));
    return this->select_adv_stg;

const std::unique_ptr<AdventureStage>& ZorkishGame::adventure() {
    if (!this->test_adv_stg) {
        this->test_adv_stg.reset(new AdventureStage(*this));
    return this->test_adv_stg;
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