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SCM Correctness Read Me

Author: Ringo De Smet <ringo DOT desmet AT gmail DOT com>

A lot of incomplete information is found regarding what certain SCM systems can or can't
perform. Most of the discussions handle the merging of incompatible actions, taken by
distinct people in a team. While the actions themselves are usually easy to execute, 
the hardest part is getting these incompatible changes merged together into a single
(code) base.

The discussions I'm referring too are usually spread over different forums, blogs with
comments, etc. A good set of scripts that show the outcome of a specific rename and merge
scenario in different SCM systems can be found here:

The scripts automate a scenario described my Mark Shuttleworth

I took these scripts as the base line for extending these, but credit goes to who 
credit deserves: thanks Maciej Bliziński, and all the other contributors to the scripts.

In short, what was changed to these scripts from then on:

* Converted to use shUnit2 as testing framework.

This test suite is hosted on BitBucket, containing a Wiki and Issue Tracker.
Please file any issues and submit patches here:



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