Rio Yokota committed 2a9369f

Update make save command to exafmm-dev.

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 	hg pull -u
 save    :
 	make cleanall
-	cd .. && tar zcvf exafmm.tgz exafmm
+	cd .. && tar zcvf exafmm-dev.tgz exafmm-dev
 revert	:
 	hg revert --all
 	rm -rf `find . -name "*.orig"`
 #LFLAGS	+= -DCOUNT # Count number calls to P2P and M2L
 ### Intel TBB flags (doesn't work with OpenMP) : TBB is available from
-#LFLAGS	+= -std=c++0x -DTBB -ltbb
+LFLAGS	+= -std=c++0x -DTBB -ltbb
 ### MassiveThreads flags (doesn't work with OpenMP) : MassiveThreads is available from
 #LFLAGS	+= -std=c++0x -DMTHREAD -lmyth