Incorrect nexthop when processing routeviews

Devin Bayer avatarDevin Bayer created an issue

Version: libbgpdump-

First reported to (RT#1005242)

We found a possible bug in the bgpdump cod when we processed some routeviews updates. Below is an example output for the same update with or without the -m option:

(without -m) TIME: 02/11/07 01:55:28 TYPE: BGP4MP/MESSAGE/Update FROM: AS2914 TO: AS6447 ORIGIN: INCOMPLETE ASPATH: 2914 10888 3948 16517 MULTI_EXIT_DISC: 348 MP_REACH_NLRI(IPv4 Multicast) NEXT_HOP: COMMUNITY: 2914:420 ANNOUNCE

(with -m) BGP4MP|1171158928|A||2914||2914 10888 3948 16517|INCOMPLETE||0|348|2914:420|NAG||

You can see that the nexthop field is incorrect when we use the -m option. I notice that the first output has MP_REACH_NLRI (IPv4 Multicast), so my guess is that the code for the -m option didn't retrieve the nexthop for the appropriate AFI/SAFI option.

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