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I seem unable to parse old dumps from RIPE RIS, e.g. updates.20000613.2157.gz.

This simple code tells me there is no entry in the dump file, although it is 257.3KB. {{{ int main() { BGPDUMP* dump = bgpdump_open_dump("./updates.20000613.2157.gz"); if (dump == NULL) { std::cerr << "Cannot open dump file.\n" << std::endl; return 1; }

int entryCount = 0; while (!dump->eof) { BGPDUMP_ENTRY* entry = bgpdump_read_next(dump); if (entry != NULL) { ++entryCount; bgpdump_free_mem(entry); } } std::cout << "Dump file contains " << entryCount << " entries.\n" << std::endl; bgp_close_dump(dump); return 0; } }}} The reason is that bgpdump_read_next() seems to always return NULL with these (early days) dump files.

Moreover, both programs provided along with the library (example.c and bgpdump.c) show similar behaviour.

If anyone is aware of a way to parse these files, please let me know.

Thank you,


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