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Issue #8 wontfix

source package does not contain `configure' script.

Anonymous created an issue

Just downloaded ripencc-bgpdump-f78c0095a2c4, an there's no `configure' despite the fact that the web page says one should run ./configure. The last version I tried was libbgpdump- and that did have one.

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  1. Anonymous

    boudreat is right - the source tree snapshots don't contain ./configure, but you can generate it with autoconf by running ./bootstrap.sh.

    The normal releases will still contain ./configure.

    Regards, Devin

  2. Anonymous

    When I run the ./bootstrap.sh I get the following output : ./bootstrap.sh: 3: ./bootstrap.sh: autoheader: not found ./bootstrap.sh: 4: ./bootstrap.sh: autoconf: not found ./bootstrap.sh: 5: ./bootstrap.sh: ./configure: not found

    When I open the bootstrap.sh file this is what I see :

    1. !/bin/sh

    autoheader autoconf ./configure

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