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Fix filtering.

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File scripts/mass_reassign

-# This sample script reassigns all "Documentation"
+# This sample script reassigns all "open" "Documentation"
 # issues assigned to "georg.brandl" to "docs@python"
 import sys
 tracker ='.')
 db ='admin')
+open = db.status.lookup('open')
 olduser = db.user.lookup('georg.brandl')
 newuser = db.user.lookup('docs@python')
 component = db.component.lookup("Documentation")
-edit = db.issue.find(components=[component], assignee=olduser)
+edit = db.issue.filter(None, {'status':open,
+                              'components':component, 
+                              'assignee':olduser})
 print len(edit), edit; raise SystemExit
 for issue in edit: