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Issue 402: Update Django auth_user.username when Roundup _username

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               "values(%s, %s, %s, '!', '', '', false, true, false, now(), now())",
               (nodeid, username, email))
+def update_django_user(db, cl, nodeid, oldvalues):
+    if 'username' in oldvalues:
+        newname = cl.get(nodeid, 'username')
+        c = db.cursor
+        c.execute("update auth_user set username=%s where id=%s", (newname, nodeid))
 def update_issue_cc(db, cl, nodeid, oldvalues):
     if 'nosy' not in oldvalues:
 def init(db):
     db.user.react('create', create_django_user)
+    db.user.react('set', update_django_user)
     db.issue.react('set', update_issue_cc)
     # XXX react to email changes, roles
     # XXX react to subject, closed changes on issues