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Re-add 'priority'.

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   <span tal:replace="structure context/nosy/field" />
+ <th i18n:translate="">
+   <span tal:replace="structure python:db.priority.classhelp('id,name,description',label='Priority')" />:
+ </th>
+ <td tal:content="structure context/priority/menu">priority</td>
+ <td></td><td></td>
 <tr tal:condition="context/is_edit_ok">
  <th><tal:block i18n:translate="">Change Note</tal:block>:</th>
  <td colspan="3">


   <td metal:use-macro="group_input"></td>
+<tr tal:define="name string:priority;
+                db_klass string:priority;
+                db_content string:name;">
+  <th i18n:translate="">Priority:</th>
+  <td metal:use-macro="search_select_translated">
+    <option metal:fill-slot="extra_options" value="-1" i18n:translate=""
+            tal:attributes="selected python:value == '-1'">not selected</option>
+  </td>
+  <td metal:use-macro="column_input"></td>
+  <td metal:use-macro="sort_input"></td>
+  <td metal:use-macro="group_input"></td>
 <tr tal:define="name string:status;
                 db_klass string:status;
                 db_content string:name;">
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