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Remove trailing whitespace and add a missing colon after "Keywords".

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         tal:attributes="href string:issue${sup/id}; title sup/title;"></a> -->
    <br><span i18n:translate="">View</span>:
      <a tal:content="context/superseder/id"
-        tal:attributes="href string:issue${context/superseder/id}; title context/superseder/title;"></a> 
-  </span> 
+        tal:attributes="href string:issue${context/superseder/id}; title context/superseder/title;"></a>
+  </span>
   <select name="assignee">
    <option value="-1">nobody</option>
    <tal:block tal:repeat="userdata python:db._db.user.filter_sql('select id,_username from _user where _roles like \'%Developer%\' order by _username')">
-    <option tal:attributes="value python:userdata[0]; 
+    <option tal:attributes="value python:userdata[0];
                             selected python:str(userdata[0]) == context.assignee._value"
    <span tal:replace="structure python:db.priority.classhelp('id,name,description',label='Priority')" />:
  <td tal:content="structure context/priority/menu">priority</td>
- <th tal:content="structure python:db.keyword.classhelp('id,name,description',label='Keywords')" />
+ <th tal:content="structure python:db.keyword.classhelp('id,name,description',label='Keywords:')" />
  <td tal:content="structure python:context['keywords'].menu(height=5)">keywords</td>
  <tal:block tal:repeat="msg python:context.messages.sorted('creation')">
     <th tal:define="mid string:msg${msg/id}">
-     <a tal:content="mid" tal:attributes="id mid; 
+     <a tal:content="mid" tal:attributes="id mid;
         href string:#$mid;"></a> - <a tal:attributes="href mid">(view)</a></th>
    <th i18n:translate="">Author: <tal:x replace=""
        i18n:name="author" /> (<tal:x replace="msg/author"/>)
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