bugs.python.org / html / user.index.html

Diff from to


 <span tal:condition="not:context/is_view_ok"
  i18n:translate="">You are not allowed to view this page.</span>
-<table width="100%" tal:condition="context/is_view_ok" class="list">
+<table width="100%" tal:define="batch request/batch" tal:condition="context/is_view_ok" class="list">
  <th i18n:translate="">Username</th>
  <th i18n:translate="">Real name</th>
  <th i18n:translate="">Phone number</th>
  <th tal:condition="context/is_edit_ok" i18n:translate="">Retire</th>
-<tal:block repeat="user context/list">
+<tal:block repeat="user batch">
 <tr tal:attributes="class python:['normal', 'alt'][repeat['user'].index%6/3]">
   <a tal:attributes="href string:user${user/id}"
+ <tr tal:condition="batch">
+  <th tal:attributes="colspan python:len(request.columns)">
+   <table width="100%">
+    <tr class="navigation">
+     <th>
+      <a tal:define="prev batch/previous" tal:condition="prev"
+         tal:attributes="href python:request.indexargs_url(request.classname,
+         {'@startwith':prev.first, '@pagesize':prev.size})"
+         i18n:translate="">&lt;&lt; previous</a>
+      &nbsp;
+     </th>
+     <th i18n:translate=""><span tal:replace="batch/start" i18n:name="start"
+     />..<span tal:replace="python: batch.start + batch.length -1" i18n:name="end"
+     /> out of <span tal:replace="batch/sequence_length" i18n:name="total"
+     /></th>
+     <th>
+      <a tal:define="next batch/next" tal:condition="next"
+         tal:attributes="href python:request.indexargs_url(request.classname,
+         {'@startwith':next.first, '@pagesize':next.size})"
+         i18n:translate="">next &gt;&gt;</a>
+      &nbsp;
+     </th>
+    </tr>
+   </table>
+  </th>
+ </tr>
+<!-- SHA: 3082bd8529e95365779a65d32993bc5f39abe1ca -->
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