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switch 'bug' back to 'issue'
Merged changes between roundup 1.2.1 and roundup 1.3.0 into python-dev tracker.
Merge based on changes between /tracker/vendor/roundup/1.1.2 and /tracker/vendor/roundup/current (roundup 1.2.1). Needs roundup 1.2.1 to run.
Applying changes made to the classic template while the roundup prototype was created. This brings the instance up to date with the code in roundup's CVS repo on sourceforge, the python-tracker module, tagged export-to-svn-python-org. Complete ChangeLog dug out from CVS: 2006-07-26 02:59 richard * html/: page.html, style.css: some CSS bugfixes and cleaning up of the sidebar 2006-07-19 23:22 forsberg * html/user.forgotten.html: Added a note about the use of sourceforge usernames. 2006-07-19 22:16 forsberg * html/user.index.html: Batch index for user list, or we'll have to wait for a looong time for all the 4…
Copying classic template as base for the python-dev tracker instance