Source / detectors / config.ini.template

#This configuration file controls the behavior of and
#The two definitions can be comma-delimited lists of email addresses.
#Be sure these addresses will accept mail from the tracker's email address.
triage_email =

# URI to XMLRPC server doing the actual spam check.
spambayes_uri = http://localhost/not_here
# These must match the {ham,spam}_cutoff setting in the SpamBayes server
# config.
spambayes_ham_cutoff = 0.2
spambayes_spam_cutoff = 0.85

spambayes_may_view_spam = User,Coordinator,Developer
spambayes_may_classify = Coordinator
spambayes_may_report_misclassified = User,Coordinator,Developer

ciavc_server = http://localhost/not_here

channels = irc://