bugs.python.org / extensions / timezone.py

# Utility for replacing the simple input field for the timezone with
# a select-field that lists the available values.

import cgi

    import pytz
except ImportError:
    pytz = None

def tzfield(prop, name, default):
    if pytz:
        value = prop.plain()        
        if '' == value:
            value = default
                value = "Etc/GMT%+d" % int(value)
            except ValueError:

        l = ['<select name="%s"' % name]
        for zone in pytz.common_timezones:
            s = ' '
            if zone == value:
                s = 'selected=selected '
            z = cgi.escape(zone)
            l.append('<option %svalue="%s">%s</option>' % (s, z, z))
        return '\n'.join(l)
        return prop.field()

def init(instance):
    instance.registerUtil('tzfield', tzfield)
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